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By Wren Morgan

Photo of the Wyoming plains

Kindness is Our Superpower!

New Longhorn Shirts & Exchange Program

Student Council would again like to make sure that all our students have a Longhorn Shirt.  If you are a new or returning student, fill out the T-shirt form and you will receive a new shirt.   We are also doing an exchange program this year for students who may have outgrown or lost their old Longhorn gear.  If you bring in your old shirts, we will exchange them for a new shirt. All old shirts and gear will be washed, and redistributed to students who need shirts.  



Keep an eye out for our bi-monthly school Newsletter and Calendar.  We send them home with your students, but you may also get new ones from the office, or you can also find a link to the calendars here on the website. 

Whenever your student is absent from school, please call or send a note so that we can keep our records accurate.  If you will be picking your students up early or dropping them off late, please be sure to call the office to let us know.

If your student rides a bus, needs to ride a DIFFERENT BUS, or is being picked up instead of riding their normal bus, PLEASE make sure that you call in advance and let us know by 3:00 p.m.  Bus notes are delivered at that time, and we need to ensure that your student gets on the right bus to get home.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by the office and ask!  

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